Letting In The Wild Edges

This beautifully illustrated book inspires us to celebrate and engage with the wild edges of the natural world around us, and to become more fully open to our own inherently wild and profound inner wisdom.

‘Letting in the Wild Edges’ is about letting new things in, letting new parts of ourselves flourish and grow. To begin this we have to let go of some of the old social and mental patterns that hold us back: our fear of change, fear of our intuition, fear of becoming too fey, fear of the dark, of walking in the countryside on our own and fear of using our wild native plants as food or medicine. It is time to let go of these old isolating beliefs. It is time to be open to the bigger picture and let in our trust…’

Both a practical manual for working with native plants and trees for medicinal, herbal, aromatherapeutic and dietary purposes, and an inspirational book of ideas for deepening our connection with Earth wisdom, this is an invaluable and hugely readable book.


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Letting In The Wild Edges

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