Multifaith Care for Sick and Dying Children and their Families

Drawing on extensive, evidence-based research and practice, this is a very practical resource, addressing the multifaith needs of sick and dying children and young people in hospitals and the wider community. Covering Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism, it provides the key information needed to help multidisciplinary healthcare staff offer the best, culturally appropriate care to these children and their families in a range of settings, including hospitals, hospices, schools and the home.

The book discusses a range of extremely useful topics – religious life (a basic introduction to each faith, its beliefs and rituals, worship, denominations, food and prohibited products, modesty and hygiene and taboos); daily life (names and greetings, family life, languages and stories); palliative care (age-specific considerations, working with the family and their views of suffering, attitudes to medical care, understanding of illness, disease and mental illness, pain management, traditional healing and medicine); end-of-life care (faith and culturally based understanding of death, preparing for death and what is customarily done as it approaches); after death care (attitudes to organ donation and post-mortems, caring for the family) and bereavement care (funeral and remembrance customs).


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Multifaith Care for Sick and Dying Children and their Families


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